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Boyhood Love of Baseball Leads to World-Class Collection

Tom Ruggie, ChFC®, CFP® started collecting autographs as a boy outside the dugouts during Spring Training in Florida. Tom has now amassed what PSA calls, “One of the most impressive autographed baseball card collections in the hobby.” And that’s only a small part of his overall sports memorabilia collection. This passion for collecting also extends to significant wine and pop culture collections. 

As Founder and CEO of Destiny Family Office, Tom utilizes his passion for collecting to deliver valuable financial planning and investment advice to other like-minded collectors as  he seeks to help them realize their destiny.

A Decade Long Relationship with Festivals of Speed

One of the Nation’s Premier Luxury Lifestyle and Car Shows for Enthusiasts and Collectors


Created to Help Collectors Assess Where They Are Across Ten Important Criteria

Our proprietary Collectibles Scorecard looks at where you are and where you ideally want to be in essential mindsets surrounding acquiring, preserving, cataloging, insuring, valuating and ultimately transferring your collectibles.  Completing it will provide you with valuable insights that will help you protect yourself, your collection and your family, expose pain points to be worked on, and set into motion action steps you can work on with your trusted advisors to add to your peace of mind. 

Tom Ruggie on Collectibles


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