Destiny Family Office serves as personal Chief Financial Officer for high-net-worth entrepreneurs, executives, families, foundations, and high-income earners, helping protect legacies for generations to come. Though diverse, our clients are united by the challenges that come from managing significant resources. We centralize and simplify wealth planning, structuring and preservation, and seamlessly integrate an exceptional range of tax, estate, and succession planning, trust management, real estate, insurance, philanthropic, family governance and lifestyle services.

One of the great ironies of successful people is that the great leadership that propels them to the top often requires the vision to dream big and commit to those dreams even though they may not be achieved in their lifetime. To do so takes courage, uncommon wisdom and innovation. A gift you can give your family is the permission to dream big…and the time to pursue success.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

As a wealth creator, you face significant challenges: Economic uncertainty. Risk and exposure. Increasing taxation and regulation. Legal complexities. The immediacy of day-to-day needs can often obscure deeper and more complex issues that require resolution. Many of the greatest accomplishments have been realized in a culture based on teamwork rather than on achieving individual targets. At Destiny Family Office, we believe a team-focused approach is crucial when nothing less than excellence is acceptable.

Our Unique Structure

Thomas H. Ruggie, ChFC®, CFP®

“I spent my first 25 years professionally building Ruggie Wealth Management into one of the premier firms in the country. The knowledge and wisdom I gained from that has led me to dedicate my next 25 years to helping clients who are like me – successful men and women who are at the top of their field as entrepreneurs, academicians, business leaders and professionals, and who care deeply about their families, reach even further. By pulling together under one umbrella best-in-class advisors with a wide range of expertise and experience they trust we are always sitting on their side of the table. We simplify their lives so they’ll have more time to do what they do best and enjoy the most.”