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Planning for Your Private Collection

Acquisition, Maintenance and Disposition

It’s not surprising many high-net-worth families and individuals have acquired valuable collections including works of art, classic and luxury cars, wines and spirits, jewelry, coins, or sports memorabilia. However, it is surprising that few have paid much attention to maintaining and planning for the eventual sale or transfer of these valuable collections. Are they going to our children?  A charitable organization? A museum or will they be sold outright? We help our clients answer these and other questions and issues related to their prized collections, and this work is fully integrated into everything we do for our clients. 

VROOOM...With a View

Our decade-long relationship with Festivals of Speed, one of the nation’s premier series of luxury lifestyle and car shows, has aligned us closely with enthusiasts and collectors of automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, yachts, and luxury products. Together, we’ve shared the excitement of luxury lifestyle jetport receptions, wine connoisseurs’ dinners, yacht displays, ride & drive experiences, and fine art & jewelry exhibitions. As Presenting Sponsor of the best-in-class and best-in-show Awards’ Ceremony, we’re particularly proud that these events benefit local philanthropic organizations supporting the health and well-being of the community’s families and children.



Tom Ruggie: Boyhood Love of Baseball
Leads to World-Class Collection

Tom Ruggie’s personal passion for collecting started as a boy collecting autographs outside the dugouts during Spring Training. After taking a time-out during college, Tom rekindled the fever in adulthood, and three decades later, has amassed what PSA calls “one of the most impressive autographed baseball card collections in the hobby”, and that’s only the start of his overall sports memorabilia collection. The value of his collection requires the same application of sound investment principles that he uses in his professional life, and today, he shares what he has learned from his own collection with other like-minded collectors.


Destiny Family Office


We created our Scorecard to help like-minded collectors identify and measure (score) where you are in 10 areas vital to your collectibles…the first step in understanding where you want to be. It looks at essential mindsets surrounding acquiring, preserving, cataloging, insuring, valuating and ultimately transferring your collectibles in ways that can help you identify pain points and illuminate areas you can work on with your trusted advisors to add to your peace of mind. We believe it is truly a differentiator in the value of the experience we deliver to our Family Office collectors, and I’m excited to share it with you.
Completing it only takes about 10 minutes. But the insights you gain will give you insights for a lifetime.