Tom Ruggie Speaks at Premier Wealth Management EDGE Event

May 14, 2024
Tom recently participated as a luncheon speaker at Wealth Management EDGE 2024, which featured three, concurrent conferences including WealthStack, RIA Edge, and Inside ETFs+. The event, which attracted more than 2000 people, was held in May at The Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, Florida. About 70% of the advisor attendees directly manage $500 million+ in assets.

During the conference, Tom also led a roundtable discussion on “Art, Sports Memorabilia, Exotic Cars: Passion, Collectibles, and the Growth of Alternative Investments”, alongside Senior Research Analyst Bradley Calleja, of Altan Insights, and Andy Broome, VP of CGC Cards. Together, they explored the multifaceted landscape of alternative investments, examining and their intersection with collectibles as an asset class.

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