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Significance of Wealth Podcast | Episode 4

Celebrating the legacy of Dick Perez and the highly anticipated documentary 'The Diamond King'

Prepare to be swept up in a whirlwind of baseball nostalgia and artistic brilliance in this electrifying episode. Join Tom Ruggie as he welcomes not one, but two titans of their craft: the incomparable Dick Perez, famed Baseball Hall of Fame artist, and the visionary filmmaker Marq Evans,  director of the eagerly awaited documentary, ‘The Diamond King.’

From humble beginnings in Puerto Rico to his esteemed position as the official artist of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Dick Perez’s journey epitomizes a tale of passion, talent, and an unwavering devotion to America’s oldest pastime. With each anecdote, he skillfully paints vivid pictures of his path, where every stroke resonates with the heartbeat of baseball itself. In doing so, he reminds us that his story is not just his own; it’s a reflection of the immigrant boy who ventured into the United States, uncertain of what lay ahead, yet fueled by boundless determination and the love for his craft.

Marq Evans, the creative force behind acclaimed movies such as ‘The Glamour & The Squalor,’ and now ‘The Diamond King,’ joins the conversation, sharing the intimate story behind his decision to immortalize Perez’s legacy on film. With heartfelt candor, Marq unveils the personal journey that led him to this monumental project, revealing the profound impact it has had on his own life.

This episode ignites a fervent passion for celebrating the timeless legacy of a true master and the rich tapestry of stories woven into each vibrant creation. 

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