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Significance of Wealth | Episode 5

Embracing a patient-first philosophy for enduring success

Join Tom Ruggie, founder and CEO of Destiny Family Office, on this captivating episode of the Significance of Wealth podcast. Tom welcomes his best friend, Dr. Matt Leavitt, a nationally and internationally recognized dermatologist and hair restoration specialist. Together, they delve into Dr. Leavitt’s inspiring journey from building two of the largest medical practices in the country to pioneering new advancements in dermatology and hair health.

Early Vision and Growth

Discover how Dr. Matt Leavitt transformed his vision into reality, growing his dermatology and hair restoration practices from scratch into some of the largest medical establishments in the world. Learn about the strategic decisions, challenges, and innovations that fueled this exponential growth. 

Patient-Centered Philosophy

Learn about Dr. Leavitt’s patient-first approach and how it has driven his remarkable success in the medical field. This segment delves into his commitment to patient care, which has resulted in high patient satisfaction and loyalty. Dr. Leavitt’s philosophy highlights the importance of prioritizing patient well-being in achieving business growth. 

Hair Restoration Passion

Explore Dr. Leavitt’s deep passion for hair restoration, both personally and professionally. He shares his experiences and the groundbreaking treatments he has introduced in the field. Dr. Leavitt’s dedication to hair health has made significant impacts on his patients’ lives. 

Legacy and Family

Hear about the integral role of family in Dr. Leavitt’s illustrious career, including his children’s involvement in the business. This segment emphasizes the importance of family support and legacy in building and sustaining successful medical practices. 

New Ventures

Get insights into Dr. Leavitt’s latest entrepreneurial endeavors, including Leavitt Health Care Advisors and Restore Biologics. He discusses the innovative approaches and potential impacts these ventures have on the healthcare industry. 

Technological Advances

Understand the cutting-edge technologies and scientific advancements that are shaping the future of dermatology and hair health. Dr. Leavitt provides an in-depth look at the latest trends and developments, offering listeners a glimpse into the future of healthcare. 


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